Current Updates and Information for RPOS & Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Two overarching goals focus the RPOS project: A) Implementing the 10 frameworks of the Rigorous Programs of Study (RPOS) in Manufacturing Production pathway as well as other CTE pathways statewide and, B) Improving Educational Alignment between Secondary and Postsecondary Partners.

By Martin Kollman on 9/20/2012 1:54 PM
The National Career Pathways Network (NCPN) conference (Oct 17-19 Richmond, VA) has never been more relevant. Increasing numbers of people, institutions, and agencies are recognizing that Career Pathways is what this country needs to bring relevancy to education and increased skills to the workplace. This will lead to more qualified graduates and increased economic prosperity for all.

The annual NCPN conference brings together practitioners from secondary, postsecondary, and business to network, listen, and learn from each other. They include those who work with traditional students and those who focus on adult education learners. The presenters at this conference have great experiences to share, but those presenters are also here to learn from you and the many others who come together.

In addition to more than 130 breakout sessions divided among seven topic strands, I have listed a few things below which deserve your attention at the 2012 conference:

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