Current Updates and Information for RPOS & Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Two overarching goals focus the RPOS project: A) Implementing the 10 frameworks of the Rigorous Programs of Study (RPOS) in Manufacturing Production pathway as well as other CTE pathways statewide and, B) Improving Educational Alignment between Secondary and Postsecondary Partners.

By Martin Kollman on 10/23/2012 1:36 PM
Geometry in Construction: 

This last week I attended the National Career Pathway Network (NCPN) conference in Richmond, VA and left energized about blending CTE and Academics in the classroom.  While this has always been something that has been highlighted by the 10 frameworks in the RPOS grant, it is a challenge that we are really just starting to tackle.  Kansas has had a long history with Math-in-CTE from the NCRCTE, but it really never lit the fire in CTE teachers.

A semi-recently formed group in Loveland,CO high school, who started with the same concept, but tackled just geometry and construction are making huge waves in the CTE world with their success of putting application in the math classroom and matching concepts/vocabulary.  A true blending of not only content and lessons, but also classrooms have lead to overwhelming success in student knowledge and understanding.  This has lead to a greater value...
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