Current Updates and Information for RPOS & Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Two overarching goals focus the RPOS project: A) Implementing the 10 frameworks of the Rigorous Programs of Study (RPOS) in Manufacturing Production pathway as well as other CTE pathways statewide and, B) Improving Educational Alignment between Secondary and Postsecondary Partners.

By Martin Kollman on 1/6/2014 2:29 PM
The Amazon Kindle has become a new tool for education, by helping to reduce the number of books students need to carry every day. But management on an enterprise level was cumbersome until Amazon launched Whispercast to schools and businesses in October 2012.
The free service's central feature is a web-based interface that allows authorized staff — technology coordinators, ¬≠media and curriculum specialists, and teachers, for example — to buy books using purchase orders or other forms of payment and then wirelessly deploy those books on any number of ¬≠devices. Devices can be grouped, making it easy to send books by class section or grade level in just minutes.  READ MORE . . . . .
By Martin Kollman on 1/6/2014 1:34 PM
The program, which will be partially implemented in the fall, will shift focus in the district’s middle and high schools to project-based learning and allow students to enroll in one of four academies based on their interests. The district’s goal is to engage more students, increase graduation rates, close achievement gaps throughout the district and better prepare students for a transition to college, the workforce, or other training programs. READ MORE . . . .
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