Plan of Study
Every middle school/junior high through high school student is required to have a plan of study (POS) to help them customize a personal plan towards graduation and future career and education goals.  POS allow students to identify the required courses within their school and district while also choosing appropriate elective or career and technical education courses that will benefit them in becoming career and college ready.  These plans should also include possible programs or areas of study post-secondary with a list of courses that pertain to the first few years after completion of their secondary education.  These POS can be completed by a student with assistance from a school counselor, teacher, staff or administrator to make sure they are accurate and updated through the plan life.


Sample POS: Drafting POS Sample ( PDF )

Blank POS:  Click Here ( DOC )

Sample rubric for evaluating a POS on the school or district level: (PDF)


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